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2 thoughts on “The Onlies, with Michael Hurley, Shana Cleveland and the Sandcastles, and Lori Goldston at 2020 Cycle

  1. Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

    Hi Riley, Leo, and Sami,
    We're the duo from Chicago from Friday. It was amazing to hear you play! Wow what a great show.
    We loved that you were our best audience and that you played fiddle with us.
    We're making a documentary of our tour. We didn't do any videotaping in Seattle since it wasn't one of our official shows, but are wondering if you could send us the video that y'all took. If so, we'll show you how we use it in the documentary before we make it public and give you credit for it, etc. It would be soooo cool if the documentary ends with you playing fiddle with us.
    Great to meet you!
    -Patrick from Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

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