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We're soooooooooooooo dingdang excited for Northwest Folklife, for all the performers we get to see, and for the four performances we're involved in. We hope to see you, either when we play as The Onlies, or we play on our own. Here's our schedule:

  • The Onlies: We promise to play a diverse selections of Celtic and American tunes, along with at least two songs we composed here in the Emerald City. 1:15 p.m. Saturday on the Fischer Green Stage. Here are the details.
  • Riley and Johnny: Riley plays and sings old-time tunes with his da Johnny, at 4:15 p.m. Saturday on the Alki Court Stage. Billed as "Raging father, shredding son," we're still wondering who the copywriter is... 🙂 More info here.
  • Sami: Sami plays a mostly Cape Breton set with her dad on piano at 4:15 p.m. Sunday, at the Northwest Court Stage. Details here.
  • Leo: Justifying yet another day at Northwest Folklife, Leo plays with his teacher, the faboo Irish-style fiddler Dale Russ, along with other hot students, in a teacher/student event at 12:20 p.m. Monday, on the Northwest Court Stage. The fine print.

Join us July 21 at W. Seattle's newest Irish pub

A Terrible BeautyJoin us Thursday, July 21, for an after-work refresher, and a meal too, at West Seattle's newest Irish pub, A Terrible Beauty, at 4752 California Ave. S.W. just south of the Junction. We'll play Irish tunes, and sneak in a few Scottish ones to see if anyone's listening. We play from 5:15 to 7:30 p.m., and hope to see you there!


Fine pie, a fine gig, and a fine club

Tom Douglas' serious coconut-cream pie.
Tom Douglas' serious coconut-cream pie.
On Friday, we went all thrillsville playing for at least a couple hundred members of the Seattle CityClub in the downtown Westin. It was the organization's annual gala event, and -- wow, how cool!

The Seattle City Club organizes "community dialogues, political debates, educational forums, on-line initiatives and awards competitions—in collaboration with over 100 organizational partners," and we are darn proud to have helped them out. If you're interested in learning more, the CityClub's Web site is at

We even managed to get our teeth on a few bites of Tom Douglas' famed coconut-cream pie, which is Sami's favorite (she wanted it over birthday cake at her party this year).


Whew, what a great time we had yesterday playing at Folklife. THANKS TO EVERYONE for coming out and supporting us (we can't believe how many of you bought our CD! THANKS!!!).

TODAY: Riley and his Dad, Johnny are playing a hopefully great old-time set today at Folklife. 7 p.m., Northwest Court Stage. Just a half hour later, Sami and her Dad, Tom, will be playing as part of the Northwest Scottish Fiddlers at the Seattle Center House Theater. (Unfortunately, neither of us can attend each other's performance, and Leo has to make a most difficult choice...)

Also stop by the CD shop at Folklife to get our brand new CD! Its going fast!

Northwest Folklife: Here we come!

Beach 3 at Northwest Folklife, 2009
Beach 3 at Northwest Folklife, 2009
Scribble and scratch this one into your calendars: 5:40 p.m. Friday, May 27, Northwest Court Stage, Seattle Center. It'll be our third time on that stage, and we're hoping for a big turnout -- please come! (Forward any interested friends a link to this page, or the Facebook link.)

We'll be playing all new material, including several new tunes we've composed. And--since many of you have asked for one--we're hoping to put the finishing touches on a CD that's good enough to distribute. The price won't be too high, we promise: Just enough to pay for production and a little extra to help us pay for fiddle camp.

On Saturday (and possibly Monday and Tuesday), you can see a bit more of us. We'll likely be busking if we can find a spot to lay our fiddle cases down. Riley will also be playing old-time tunes with his dad, Johnny, at 7 p.m. Saturday, also on the Northwest Court Stage. The bummer of scheduling is that Sami (and her dad, too) will be playing with the Northwest Scottish Fiddlers at nearly the same time, 7:30 p.m. in the Center House Theater. We hope that doesn't put you in a Sophie's Choice state of mind...

See you Friday!

P.S. That picture? It's from two years ago, when we first played NW Folklife, same stage. The gig was actually scheduled at around 2 p.m., so we had to skip out of school. Don't tell anyone, but some of our friends skipped, too!

NW Folklife online sked rocks!

Northwest FolklifeHaving waited for years (a fifth of our lives, actually), we are absolutely droollingly in loooooooooooove with Northwest Folklife's new online schedule. With it, you can organize your whole weekend and create your own schedule. You can save the schedule online, share it with others, download it to your smartphone, even download anroid and iphone apps, heck -- if you're feeling old-timey enough, you can even print it out. Whodathunk? (Well, actually, we did three years ago, but we weren't as smart as the people as Sched, whom NWFolkLife is using and who got their start at SXSW.)

Happy fiddle!If you do, though, make sure to include -- pardonnez le pun -- The Only Event of the Weekend, if not the summer.



As you may know, the three of us summer each year for a week in Port Townsend (camping out at the fiddlevent extravaganza that's known as Fiddle Tunes), but this year we're heading there early for an evening of square dancing. Well, we won't be able to dance (shucks) because they've got us playing (wahoo!).

We'll be front and center with the Sultan of Squaredome, Tony Mates, our beloved caller. And we'd love it if you were there dancing with us too!

The deets:

  • Saturday, April 29, at Port Townsend's Quimper Grange: 1219 Corona St., PT.
  • Workshop and Basics: 7:30
  • Dancing: 8:00 – 11:00,
  • Adults: $6
  • Youth (18 and under): $3

Here's a map.

And here's more info!

Riley and his pa

THIS JUST IN: Riley and his dad, Johnny, are playing a half-hour's worth of old-timey tunes tomorrow at Seattle's very best ice cream, pinball, and beer hangout, Full Tilt in Columbia City. The tunes start at 6:30 p.m. At 7 p.m., Riley and Johnny will be leading an old-time jam until it's Riley's bedtime.

Full Tilt (which actually serves beer floats for those over 21) is at 5041 Rainier Ave S. (map), and is super family friendly, and they've got old-time pinball machines, Ms. Pac Man, and even some newer stuff. Come!