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ContactBook us for a gig or dance!

You can reach us at, or telephone Tom, Sami's father, at 206-723-8276.

More urgent questions (e.g. day of show technical questions) can be answered by calling Riley's dad Johnny on his cell phone, at 206-300-8225.

Already booking us or thinking about it?

If you are already booking us, you probably have a few questions about technical requirements, and could use some quality snapshots. Look no further!

Our Technical Requirements

Here's our stage plan, complete with mic and instrument amplification needs.

If you don't have your own sound equipment and need us to provide amplification, let us know, and for a small fee, we can add that in!

Publicity Photos

Here's a good poster image of The Onlies. High-res for you!

And how about a treasure trove of photos of The Onlies? If you are looking for something a bit different, get in touch, and we'll hook you up!