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More Music @ The Moore

widget_dO-lr2tgLi6zwfnr3xemTJLess than a month ago, we auditioned for a program called More Music at the Moore (sponsored by STG). This program is for young musicians (ages 14-21) to train and progress with the help of successful local musical mentors. At the end of the process, the young musicians will perform on stage at the Moore for an audience of almost 1,000. Most of the people who auditioned were singer-songwriters or pop music players...not as folkish or fiddleish. However, despite that, we got a callback! We performed again on the Moore in front of the judges (one song and one Irish tune--they liked the Irish one best!), and recently received the news that we made it! It will give us an opportunity to collaborate with other amazing young musicians from around the Northwest, and hopefully create some awesome sonicular explosions. We are super excited and feel massively honored to be selected! The performance will be sometime in March, and we will give you more information about it later. Here is a video documenting last year's event.


2 thoughts on “More Music @ The Moore

  1. Rachel Teodoro

    Congratulations you guys! I just saw the line up and remember the three of you at the audition before my little drummer boy tried out. You guys were great and I am so excited that you guys made it on! I hope we can make it out to the show to support you and wish you guys all the best!


      Hi Rachel -- great to hear from you. The show at the Moore was a huge success, and way fun, so you definitely need to tell your 'little' drummer to keep killing it. Thanks for your good wishes, and we look forward to our paths crossing! - sami, riley, and leo!

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