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Thank you, CityClub!

Fine pie, a fine gig, and a fine club

Tom Douglas' serious coconut-cream pie.
Tom Douglas' serious coconut-cream pie.
On Friday, we went all thrillsville playing for at least a couple hundred members of the Seattle CityClub in the downtown Westin. It was the organization's annual gala event, and -- wow, how cool!

The Seattle City Club organizes "community dialogues, political debates, educational forums, on-line initiatives and awards competitions—in collaboration with over 100 organizational partners," and we are darn proud to have helped them out. If you're interested in learning more, the CityClub's Web site is at

We even managed to get our teeth on a few bites of Tom Douglas' famed coconut-cream pie, which is Sami's favorite (she wanted it over birthday cake at her party this year).

1 thought on “Thank you, CityClub!

  1. Betty Spieth

    You guys rock!! Thanks for playing at the 2011 CityClub Gala - you were terrific!

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