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The Onlies: What does it mean?

The Onlies: What does it mean?

With our name change will come many questions: why, what does it mean and isn't it a little bit too Indie Rockish. Well, we changed our name because we decided it was time to do this. It had been forever (or so it seems) of having a name that we thought up in a wine bar when we were little. However deep you may think it was, Beach 3 had no meaning. The Onlies is a reference to our only childness (we are all only children)

What does it mean

 In the future, we may change it to the the Onlies stringband or something else. If you have any suggestions about how we could make sound more awesome or stingbandish, just leave a comment in the comment box. Leave your name so we can say it on stage and give you the cred that you deserve. We would love to hear from you!

(oh and about the random wolf picture, it's my favorite so I had to share it with all of you!)


1 thought on “The Onlies: What does it mean?

  1. Rev. Terrnce Proctor

    HI Sammie,

    I would like to have the Onlies share with us in our 8th annual "Rally for Hope" youth Rally Saturday August 25th at Westlake Park (Downtown Seattle) The Rally is from 12 noon to 5:30 pm.

    If availible, you would be slotted for a 10-15 minute times slot. Please let me know of your availibility.

    Blessings To you,
    Coach Proctor

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