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The Messiah!

While it is not an Onlies gig, we’re excited that Sami and Riley are getting the chance to play a beautiful piece of music for a great cause. Their high school orchestra, the award-winning Garfield Symphony Orchestra, will be accompanying … Continue reading

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Viva Mexico!!!

At the 2013 Festival of American Fiddle Tunes we were fortunate enough to dip our toes in the waters of the amazing music of the Tierra Caliente region of Mexico. Elena DeLisle saw us enjoying ourselves and proposed a project where … Continue reading

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The Rain in Spain Lies Mainly on the Plain

We are often amused and delighted when we hear DJs and MCs (and new friends!) pronounce our somewhat tricky names. It’s one of the reason why our website banner prominently displays the proper pronunciation of “The Onlies.” We realize we … Continue reading

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Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

What could be more delightful than taking a short trip to the country on a (hopefully) beautiful fall day, sipping some delicious hot cider, and hearing some great music? We can’t think of a thing! The Onlies are pleased to … Continue reading

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On the Wires!

We’ve had some pretty good publicity of late, and of course we want to make sure that you can check out what you may have missed. There was our New Day Northwest appearance on Monday May 6th, in promotion of … Continue reading

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Exciting Weekend Ahead!

We are beyond excitement approaching a great weekend of music! On Friday night we have our first rehearsal and a photo shoot with our More Music @ The Moore peeps. On Saturday, it’s our big and wonderful CD release party … Continue reading

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Hitting the books..

Lots of learning going on these days for The Onlies, and not nearly enough sleep. That’s life as a high schooler. Come February, they’ll be some gigs, a dance or two, and tutoring at Wintergrass. Stay tuned for news of … Continue reading

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More Music @ The Moore

Less than a month ago, we auditioned for a program called More Music at the Moore (sponsored by STG). This program is for young musicians (ages 14-21) to train and progress with the help of successful local musical mentors. At … Continue reading

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Fun dance this weekend!

The Onlies are honored and excited to be playing a venerable and (hopefully crowded) contra dance in Seattle this Friday, the Emerald City Contra Dance at the Phinney Neighborhood Center. As grandpa used to say, we hear its the bee’s … Continue reading

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Summer will come. Really!

As of this writing it seems like summer will never come to Seattle. But it will come. It must! The Onlies are excited for their summer, which will include festivals, camps, busking, CD recording, dances, gigs, and hopefully some spontaneous … Continue reading

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