We post our video on YouTube.

Preach: Here’s what the critics and fans are saying.

Listen to audio our latest album, “Setting Out to Sea”. If you like it, we encourage you to buy it as a CD or download it in digital form at CDBaby. If you’re like us, you’ll want to read the liner notes and lyrics.

Editors and art directors like images, and you’ll find them below. Click ‘em for high res.

2 Responses to Media/press

  1. Eo says:

    Hey, I saw you at the Garfield chorus performance last night. Great performance! We got it all on video — would you like a copy?

    • says:

      Eeeks, apologies — we just received your comment. Glad you liked the show — the chorus performance is really a highlight of the year. Thanks for capturing us on video. We’d really like to get a copy, if you still have it. Thanks!!! – leo, sami, and riley

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