We post our video on YouTube.

Preach: Here’s what the critics and fans are saying.

Listen to audio our second album, “Setting Out to Sea”. If you like it, we encourage you to buy it as a CD or download it in digital form at CDBaby. If you’re like us, you’ll want to read the liner notes and lyrics.

Want Web-friendly or high-res images? you’ll find them here.

2 Responses to Media/press

  1. Eo says:

    Hey, I saw you at the Garfield chorus performance last night. Great performance! We got it all on video — would you like a copy?

    • says:

      Eeeks, apologies — we just received your comment. Glad you liked the show — the chorus performance is really a highlight of the year. Thanks for capturing us on video. We’d really like to get a copy, if you still have it. Thanks!!! – leo, sami, and riley

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