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Our latest CD: ‘Setting Out to Sea’

The Onlie's 'Setting Out To Sea'

The Onlies’ ‘Setting Out To Sea’

The new CDs are here! The album contains 14 tracks of original and traditional fiddle-driven music, with Celtic, old-time American, and Canadian roots. That includes three songs we wrote!You can get copies at CDBaby.com ($15 disc, $10 download). Better yet, if you come to our March 16 CD release show in Seattle, you’ll be able to get a CD for just $10!

Here are the full liner notes to “Setting Out to Sea.”

The Onlies: Setting Out to Sea

Our first CD: The Day That Never Was

The Day That Never Was

The Day That Never Was

On May 27, 2011, we released our first CD, “The Day That Never Was,” and it contains some great traditional tunes as well as a handful we wrote. We recorded it in early 2011, and Riley’s dad, Johnny, produced it, making us sound even better. We’re proud of it, and plan to spend the proceeds on summer fiddle camps we attend. We hope you like it (and if you do, feel free to post an honest review).

Here are the liner notes. And you can hear two of the CD’s tunes in their entirety on our Facebook page.

The Onlies: The Day That Never Was

5 Responses to Our music!

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  3. Rob Stevenson says:

    I first saw/heard you folks in a video clip on the Valley of the Moon FaceBook page — it was an evening session in 2013 and the main song shown was “Jack O’ Diamonds”. Somebody posted your bands name, I looked around, downloaded the songs posted on FB and just today I got both of your CDs and am now listening to the second one. Your music is amazing and I love the different textures and the variety of styles and approaches — and you even had that on your first album!
    Best wishes this summer and in the coming year.

    Rob Stevenson

    • admin@TheOnlies.com says:

      Thanks Rob! We appreciate the words of encouragement. We’re recording a new CD right now, and it should be out in January. Hope the two you purchased still are making you smile! — sami,leo, & riley!

  4. Robert says:

    Just discovered you guys randomly tonight on Google Music. I was instantly blown away. You guys are going to be what I am mostly listening to for the next few months.. Seriously, new favorite band. Please keep up the good work and keep producing albums!

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