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This girl’s on fire!

Yet again, a fiddle conflagration ensues during an Onlies' practice.
A fiddle conflagration ensues during an Onlies' practice.

Yes, once again, Sami's bow catches fire during an Onlies' practice session. It's such a common occurrence these days, nobody in the photo seems to care. Fortunately, the band has hired a firefighter to stand by for all practice sessions and concerts, and she was able to put the fire out in seconds. Alas, the costs of purchasing new bows for Sami has become a major drain on the Onlies finances.

2 thoughts on “This girl’s on fire!

  1. Peter

    No wonder, the way you all play is just too hot 🙂
    Got me your CD (Setting out to Sea) through CDbaby and now it is rotating in my player here in Vienna, Austria. Several thousand miles of distance don't change the awesomeness of your music!
    Go Onlies!
    Your homepage is great, too!
    All the best wishes from over the pond


      Peter -- sooooo very coool to know that our music has made it to Austria!!! Thanks so much for buying the CD. Right now, we're in a small town in rural Washington (Index) recording yet another CD. We've brought in a musical mentor of ours, Tristan Clarridge (Crooked Still) to be our producer. Maybe another CD will makes its way to Austria? Thanks again!!! - Leo, Riley, and Sami

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