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Reviews for ‘Long Before Light’: Not that bad! ;)

Actually, they're overwhelmingly positive, so far. Way positive. And biased as we are, we're not totally surprised. It's been six months since we were in the studio, and we still love listening to each and every tune.

Americana Rhythm Music Magazine's review!
Americana Rhythm Music Magazine's review: Short and sweeeeet!

But this post isn't about our review of ourselves. It's about what others think of us. So far, we've had two lengthy reviews, one from Los Angeles, and a second from Great Britain: "...bucket-loads of talent, musically accomplished with voices that match the messages." We had a mini review from Americana Rhythm Music Magazine of Bridgewater, Va., which you see to the immediate left! And finally (at least for now), a mini-mini-mini review from Sing-Out Magazine's Pinterest page (you can pin it!), and we quote: "Very good." Not bad!